Newborn Sessions

OK so you had a baby, big whoop.


Congratulations on your new little one! It is a completely new world you just entered into. I’m sure you’re probably sleep deprived, hormonal, and probably a little bit scared especially if it’s your first. Having a babe is on the most beautiful, craziest, stressful, and overwhelming mix of emotions. I’ve always been in awe of these little miracles in our arms and want to be there to help capture the first few weeks of life surrounding you and your family.

So I’ve created this little guide to help you prepare for our upcoming session. Some things to think about or prepare for but trust me when I say that they’re not rocket science or anything to stress you out! This is something I sent to my clients while beforehand so that we are all on the same page and your shoot goes seamlessly.

Decide whether we're shooting at your place or mine.

I pride myself on the fact that I offer a newborn-shoots in home! I’m used to driving anywhere within a hour of my home base (rimbey) with no extra charge. So no sweat!

This is so important to me because coming from personal experience-with a colicky baby and thrush… it was pretty stressful for us to drive to our photographer studio, and then feeling extremely guilty when my newborn poop exploded all over her couch.(of course only I was mortified.) So yeah I get having the ease of just waking up and having a photographer come to you. I also love documenting you in your own home and bringing more to the story about how you guys move operate as a team or as a family. It’s even better with a little older brothers or sisters- having the comfortable surroundings is pretty important right now.

But they were kind of a few things to think about when having your photographer arrive at your home. Do you have a nice open window space? This could be in your living room, or dining table area. If you don’t feel like there’s enough light don’t worry! I havea studio set up in my own house then we can meet up and get some beautiful shots as


WHAT TIME do we start?

I like to aim for my shoot to be around 10 AM. This gives us the best natural light and ample morning time for the family to be up and at ‘em. But don’t feel the need to have yourself all put together right when I arrive because it’s always chaotic with a newborn.

I’d like to focus on the older siblings first and foremost, then baby detail shots, etc. Then incorporate some family with mom and dad as well. So have a cup of coffee, maybe blow dry your hair while I’m working with the kiddos.

i've got all the goods.

What do you want the main focus to be?

If they’re sentimental items that you would like to incorporate shoot, I welcome them fully. However, don’t feel pressure to have some thing. I’ll bring everything I need for a successful shoot-heater, wraps, may be a basket. Again letting me know ahead of time if you want casual or strictly newborn posing helps us find what YOU want out of your session with me.

Surprisingly this can vary for families. It’s been known to just focus on baby and that’s it. I like to incorporate the family as a whole during my time with you because how often do you run yourself pointing the camera at your children but you’re never in them??

I also suggest documenting babies first bath in the sink, breast-feeding, bottle-feeding, all those in between Romans that do you think you’ll never forget but it all just flies by in a blur. Sleep deprivation doesn’t help that!

So that pretty much sums up what you need to know if you’re a first timer parent OR just a first timer client. But I’m just a click away if you have any questions!