The Family session checklist

What you need to know to make the most of your family session

I've put together a list of frequently asked questions from my family sessions. My goal is to make your next upcoming session as stress-free as possible and this checklist should cover most of that!

Great! Now what do I wear?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked right after confirming a booked session. Collaborating outfits for your entire family can seem stressful and super daunting. Although Pinterest is a fantastic site to find inspiration sometimes sites can lead you into a rabbit hole of distraction!

I'm starting off by saying that you need to choose pieces that you are comfortable in, that you can move in. Because trust me, there will be a lot of activity during our family session. If you're not comfortable or constrained. It's going to show in your photos. And they're surprising point is to choose outfits that you feel confident in. If you don't feel great in that certain pair of pants then don't wear them.( In fact, I give you full permission to throw them out because you can!) Moms, if you can please pull your beautiful dress and maxi skirts out of that closet. No those dresses that you only would wear to a wedding would be perfect for your next shoot. The more flowy-er, the better!

You are still finding you are stuck I have an affiliated website that you can check out. It's called style and select. For your emails that will provide you with a special code to access outfits for your entire family and on line discounts.


Rule of thumb is to choose one pop of colour and always go with the neutrals- browns, blue jeans, greys, beige, khakis, creams, whites, are all examples of neutrals. DON'T get too caught up if you're wearing black shoes with a brown belt. they're both neutral and it's not going to make or break a photo. Matchy Matchy colours-not everyone needs to be wearing white shirts or blue jeans. Also try to avoid super high contrast dress shirts like polkadots if everyone else is wearing a solid muted shirt. (unless you want to really stick out from the rest of them).

Time is an investment

MINI SESSION DATES: This info might not be very helpful for you if you've booked a mini session date.. so scroll on!

Family dynamics and scheduling can be extremely hectic. That's why I make a paragraph regarding your time management. I would hate for you to arrive as a family stressed to the nines because of a soccer practice and piano lessons all in one night- and no one had any time to eat supper so we're all hangry. If you can make a night work when you are not rushed then that night is much better. If that means postponing to a later date then so be it. Family session is an investment and should be treated like a family investment-think of it like a family date night. When you can focus on each other and give each other some much needed love.

Leading to my next point- for MOM's. This Might seem superficial or conceded to the humble hard-working mom. But there's nothing more stressful than trying to put yourself together and dress your kids or husband and get out the door on time. So if it is within your budget or you can make room I highly suggest booking your local hairdresser for an easy style or blow out. I Donely are you supporting your local business but you are also giving your self a chance to dedicate a day to you! To avoid that sweaty chaos if you can, make time for yourself. This is the excuse right here!

When and Where

My sessions are always booked with daylight in mind. If you want that beautiful glowing romantic sunlight then you were looking for the Golden hour.( 1 hour before sunset) want to provide my clients with the best photos possible and nothing beats natural light. You have little littles, prolong their nap so they are ready to go later in the evening. I also suggest having a pocket full of gummy's or candy! In worst case scenario your toddler is a little cranky that's OK. there's nothing more beautiful than mommy or daddy snuggles and consoling your mini me's.

I'll also shoot in rain or sun so be prepared for anything. Most of my sessions and up in the water if there is a lake a few feet away so remember to pack towels or extra change of clothes for afterwards.

I have a ton of location ideas if need be. But I urge you to consider a location that means something to you? Is it your grandpa's Farm? Is it a beach at go lake where your family spends two weeks every summer? Is it a hike in the mountains area that you've always wanted to go but never taken the time as a family? (that one gets me excited). Point is to get you thinking about different spots and what you love to do! Maybe you would love to have family pictures taken doing that thing. Get those creative juices going and I would be happy to give some input.

During your session

I like to take the first 10 minutes when we meet to get to know each other. I like to get to know each family member and understand your personality so you and your loved ones feel comfortable with the person behind the camera. It's important to build a relationship with kids and adults so you are able to come out of your shell. So if you haven't done so already I encourage you to fill out the family questionnaire that has been sent in your email. This tells me a little bit about you your husband and your kids.

And for those that skimmed over everything to get to this paragraph.

If there is anything you take away from this page it's be yourself, come relaxed, and ready to have a fun family get-together. Leave the phones in the car and Just enjoy being with eachother. There just so happens to be a photographer there documenting your life for you.


Family packages

1-2 hour session

Immediate family (Extended family options)

Creative consult for outfits, location & prep

60+ images included via online gallery

2 week turnaround for images