Hey there, it's me!

Alright super quick facts; I'm an Alberta raised farm girl. I love hiking, camping,  action movies, and Hawkings Cheezies. I love working with my hands, an avid coffee drinker by day, and wine lover by night.

I have 3 boys, and an amazing, supportive husband of 11 years. We're working towards moving out of town to our acreage to raise our kids like wildings they are. I love to make people laugh so if you laugh at me, we are friends. I don't have a great filter so I also ramble a lot.

I've learned more about myself in the past 5 years than I ever have and I owe a lot of that to my thirties AND photography. Creating relationships through this job has lead to some amazing moments in my life. So I'm grateful you're here.

I have this hobby of collecting hobbies. I have always had an artistic side since I can remember. So I am always inspired and constantly trying new ways to fulfill my creative outlet. It was 8 years ago my husband a gifted me a canon rebel t3i. After youtubing and going to some courses, figuring out the editing world (which never ends BTW), here we are today.

Photography has been one of my longest passions that has really stuck. I have always enjoyed the beauty of every-day life. I love the challenge of finding those singular moments that evoke emotion, which explains a lot about my photography style.

I honestly love being quirky and borderline obnoxious with my clients. Can obnoxious be a positive attribute? I think so. My style of photography is to make you comfortable, to give you laugh, and give you just that right amount of distraction that I find the real smile you give your loved ones when you’re looking at them. Not the camera. I love messy chaos of life because it’s real and tangible. And if you think you might be awkward in front of a camera-well my dear- we obviously haven't met yet!!

I am always up for an adventure. Or trying something new. It is how I grow as a photographer. So if you have this crazy idea of and want it documented I’m your girl!

Let's go run through the field or splash in the lake.