Questions and answers

When and Where?


I am a natural light photographer, so my first answer would be golden hour! One hour before sunset, or right a dawn. Which ever works for us. This gives you that beautiful sunset in “Goo” you will see on most of my work. That being said, I pride myself on being able to tackle any lights situation. Part of my experience as a photographer is being able to handle these kind of situations.

I also love finding new places, if I have any free evenings, I’m out scouting for new locations. But what I find most meaningful is whatever is sentimental to you. So I ask you- what are you wanting to get out of these photos? A fun-filled hangout? A date night? Some detailed snaps? So if you’re thinking of something different or off-the-wall? I am 10000% game!

How do I get my Photos?


Your gallery link will be emailed to you within 2 to 3 weeks after your shoot. There you can download your entire gallery. All the photos are yours! You can also choose your favorites, or contact me for optional printing such as canvases, greeting cards, announcement cards. I want to help you create tangible and beautiful keepsakes! I know how busy our lives can get and how easy it is to put something like photos on the back burner for that one day. So I’m here to help.

What should we wear?


Short answer? Whatever is comfortable. Long answer? Flowy, free, not black.

What gives you that confidence.

Layers, No Matchy-matchy please. Jeans? Totally fine. Sun Dresses? YES a thousand times. Brand labels? Uhh try to avoid because it’s distracting. Leave those phones and sunglasses in the car and let run with it.

I also have a few collections of sundresses for the women in your life so just ask! I’d be happy to bring something along or give my opinion to what your going for.

What's included in your weddings?


For the sake of simplicity, there’s only one deal here. No extended fuss or hidden costs. It is extremely important to me we meet before your wedding for an engagement shoot. To hash out details, talk about your upcoming day, and build a trustful relationship. I want to understand where you come from, your family, your friends, and who you are as a couple.

Weddings are about the love and commitment between two beautiful people. But they are also a surrounding of loved ones. People who are important to you in your lives. I want to document as much as possible to show who was there, what was happening, the good, the hilarious, and the beautiful ugly cries.

So yes, you have me for the whole fricken day. 10 hours ++. I will be there chumming with your friends and family, and dancing the classics with the bridesmaids. I don’t want to miss a thing so YOU don’t miss a thing.

If your more than 2 hours from my home base, I like to hangout a day before the wedding to get a layout of the land and more importantly, hang out with you and your crew.

OH! Did I mention also a huge discount towards and boudoir shoot prior to the wedding?? Check that page out.

How long 'til we get our photos?


I like to guarantee your wedding gallery done within 3 weeks after the wedding day. But I’ll send you some sneak peeks right away! That’s about 1000+photos on a online gallery. Your beautiful keepsake box with complimentary photos and USB on its way shortly after.

Do you do Video?


I’m currently working with the lovely Dallas Olga to get my video skills up and running so not a the moment. But check out my beauts- Dallas and Jaycee with their killer edits.

Dallas's Videos

Jaycee's Videos