I want to do my best by you and with that includes tidbits and information I've gathered to make sure you feel prepared come our meet up!

Coming from experience, branding sessions are a lot of work! But it's completely worth it! I know from first hand that photos of yourself get the most engagment from viewers. It's a fact that can't be ignored. So you want to have a lot of content involving what you're about to help you on your business journey!

what is your brand?

Knowing who you are is the most important step.

What is your mood? Light and airy? Darker and moody?

Pulling together your shot list-

Basically what you want to showcase; Actions, buildings, your process, your client experience, workspace, or your life outside of work.


If your session includes you or people around your business, having your outfits prepared is important. If your session is an hour, about 4-5 different outfits would be golden.

Consider what you want your brand to represent. Comfy casual, sophisticated, refined, laidback, elegant. This list goes on!

So with these words to inspire you, I want to give you some help. I've signed up with this awesome website called style and select. It's basically an outfit generator for online shopping! Use the code: STYLEME2022

Click on the link to take you to a questionaire and lots of inspiration! There's even a few discounts available!! Sweet!

Be sure to do this sooner than later if you plan on purchasing/shipping.


Don’t overthink this one. My number one piece of advice; if you’re thinking "maybe?” just bring it. The worst case scenario would be to realize a prop would be the perfect fit except it’s sitting at home because you weren’t sure. Again, props will help support your brand identity so if it’s a mug that has a saying on it that’s “so you”, bring it. If it’s your brand colours, bring it.

The props that you bring for your branding photo shoot will all depend on your business but most common items for my clients are:

- coffee mug / tea to fill the mug,

-day planner,



-fancy pen


Don’t be too shy to bring food or drinks to help your session feel like fun! Wine, doughnuts, you name it…


If you have a store, skip this part. After you’ve done all this work, you’ll need to decide what the perfect location is for your session. Outside? Inside? coffee shop? kitchen atmosphere? For an hour session, I suggest at least 2 locations. 3 max. Also depending on how far apart they are.

Here are some great options or ideas to think about:

rent an AirBNB

Our red deer studio local photography studio

rent a show home

rent a local yoga studio

use a family member or friend’s home, ranch, backyard.

I'd be happy to run over any idea with you!

Make sure you have fun!

Cheesy but true! At the end of the day, having a branding session should feel like something you would do again – at least in my books it is 📷

I hope by now you’re feeling knowledgeable on how to prepare for your branding session, but if you have a few more questions I'm happy to help!


Branding - whatever you're wanting to focus on! Let‘s chat about what you want to get out of your session.
1 hour of shooting time.
Minimum 60+ images included via online gallery (rights included)

$350 - $475