Date Night...

But With Photos

What a couples shoot looks like

The best kinda third wheel in my opinion. I'm just here to help document your amazing life. Couples shoot should be fun, comfortable, and intimate. But not in a super cheesy way you might initially think. There will be laughter, there will be ridiculous stories shared( I have alot of embarrassing ones). There will be a deeper connection between you two, and with me! So check out different ideas to mull over on what you want your shoot to be like. Also as an important note, I accept ALL LOVE!

I want you to feel at ease

If you want to lower your inhibitions anyway that you see fit I encourage it. That way we get over our awkward-15min-phase. We can plan a DD situation no problem.

When do we meet up?

If you know me at all, or if we have chatted beforehand, you know I aim to shoot an hour before sunset. This gives a beautiful sun drenched and "gooey" art to your photos. Here's a couple of examples of overcast(no sunset) and sunset day. Which leads me to my next point....

I'm willing to shoot in rain/snow/sun

Be prepared for Alberta weather. If we sit and wait for every "perfect" day, we might be sitting for a while. Just because you don't have to perfect sunset, doesn't mean we won't have the most amazing time, and beautiful photos! So pack extra clothes, layers, or umbrella. After all, we live in AB and Mother Nature can sometimes be a bitch. If it's more than just a sprinkle, we can definitely reschedule. But wind is my friend during shoots!

Where do we go?

Oooh this one is pretty easy, Anywhere! Where do you hang? Indoors on the couch. Wanna head to Abraham lake and go for a hike? OR we could chill downtown in the city, have a coffee. Grab your sweet ass bike and go for a drive. I'll meet you by the lake! Make it into something that's MORE than just photos. Make it into a date, something you can bond over, share an experience. Our lives should be filled with them!! I'm just here to help document your amazing life.

What to wear.

First and foremost, be comfortable. But try....

Ok I'll give ya more than that. Ha! So I've found when you're comfortable, it shows in your body language. If you are wearing a dress shirt, and you HATE wearing dress shirts, then don't. Who says you have to fit this etiquette rule?? If you want to wear this sick ass evening dress but never had a reason to, THIS IS IT baby. Wear the damn thing. If you want to wear nothing, or strip and run bare bum into the lake. Give me 10 second warning so I can check my camera settings, and I'll be there for ya!

I ALSO have a client wardrobe I'm constantly curating to help out with any ladies who would like to try it out. This is included in your photosession. I love having some sweet dresses for my clients because I know how annoying it is to purchase an item for a one time event.We can go over that in detail, just ask me.

FYI HERE: I have found black is a pain in the ass in the photography world... So try to avoid please and thank you.

what the hour looks like

I want to bring out you in your relationship. So there will be ideas, a lot of action but ultimately, show affection how you normally would everyday. If you love each other by holding hands, then go for it, if you've been known to nibble on his.... ear, then bite that shit!Oh, and yes, I do talk like this.

And for those who scrolled through everything...

Come as you are, wear what you want to wear, except black, and just be yourself. It's my goal for you to leave with good vibes and wanting to do another adventure with me.

Couples packages

1-2 hour session

Creative consult for outfits and prep

60+ images included via online gallery

2 week turn around for images

$575 - $775