The Experience

You are an individual. You have your own tastes, likes/dislikes, interests and unique personality. Our individuality is what makes us unique. Why should you be any different on your most important day? So now you’re looking for someone to document those important days. You want to find someone who knows their shit, but more importantly, provides a safe space and has your best interest at heart.

Enter your professional photographer.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m loud, energetic, full of ideas, and LOVE making people laugh. So if that sounds good to you, I know we will be a great fit.

My goal is to not only give you incredible photos, but to give you a stress-free experience from beginning to end. Because you deserve the best from me. One of my favorite things to hear from my clients is that they had fun. It’s amazing how many times I get the comment, “I’m surprised at how fun that was.” But my God how important that is to me! See it’s not just about the “pretty” photos to reflect on. It’s about the emotion connected to that moment in time. Just like that flashback when you smell your fathers aftershave, or the taste of grandma’s apple pie made just the right way…the images from your gallery will bring on those same feel-good endorphins you had that day, and will make you relive it all over again.

The best way to describe my shooting style is a mix of guided prompts/ideas and a lot of candid. In order to create an authentic photo gallery, a REAL version of you needs to show up.  This can be hard for some people. I get that. I've heard the worry of being awkward in front of the camera- why I tend to overshare- So if you're able to commit to being yourself, then I will do my absolute best to show a reflection of just that.

So get comfortable, be true. There’s a open space for you over here. I want to be instant friends have some fun creating with you!