Hey Girl!

I'm super giddy about our upcoming boudoir session. I'm sure you have nerves too. But don't worry I got you.

Here are some tidbits I've put together to help make your upcoming session like Pantene conditioner -smooth and silky. P.S. I love lame dad jokes.

Take a moment, pour some wine...

This probably seems like a lot of info coming your way but trust me when I say it's worth the read. Coming from FIRST HAND experience- the better prepped, the better you will feel.

1. Self Tanners,

Tanning Spray,

That Orange Glow We Love

I know this might be a strange number one topic to talk about but it is something I have learned from the experts and seeing it first hand.


I know you're worried that your complexion couldn't possibly show any sort of glow. But the reality is that the skin you're in is truly the best. Orange tanner in Mexico might look bomb and may make you feel hot, but it translates in camera as fake, and into weird tones.

Special care is taken during post production to make your skin into natural beautiful you. If you choose to go ahead with the tanning, I can't guarantee the skin results will look like you. So not only do you run the risk of all this prepping ahead, and staining your couch/sheets, you might not recognize you in the end results. So skip the spray, or bed, as tempting as it is, trust me.

2. Hair. The Crown Glory

I suggest getting your hair coloured/cut about a week or two before your session. Not only do you feel bomb right after a fresh do, but you'll carry that confidence with you into your session as well.

Wear your hair down- loose waves, curls, straight, whatever. Theres a lot of hair play and tousling we do during your guided shoot so just be ready to love yourself.

3. Waxing

This is completely preference dependant. Me, personally? I've always felt a little bit more "put together" after my waxing appointments. If you choose to have any hair removal done prior to your session, make sure it's at LEAST 3-4 days before, so your skin has some time to calm.

4. Lotion & Hydrate

Since we are on the topic of skin, I feel like this should've maybe been up there with number one, but HYDRATE. Up your intake of water 3 weeks before your session. Not only is just plain good for you, but your complexion will thank you. It honestly starts from the inside out. I bet your focus and overall mood will increase too! Coffee and tea doesn't count. Aim for 2-3L depending on your body.

Exfoliating and moisturizing is also a huge helpful tip. Finding a great body scrub and then feeding your skin right after is the way to go.

If your like me, and love your super scalding hot showers, then remember to moisturize right after you hop out. Committ to moisturizing for at least a week before hand. Here's some of my favourite body lotions and scrubs:

Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian bum bum cream- available in Sephora

Vaseline's Cocoa radiant body lotion- has a great shimmer to it. available in shoppers drug

Bio- Oil Skincare- great to slather on quick right after shower

Fresh's Brown Sugar Body Polish- available in Sephora


5. What To Wear?

Alright this one is also preference dependant. Do you love lingerie? Then bring it. Do you love your Clavin Klien's? Throw those on! Got a pair of cut off jeans that make you feel oh so right? Do it sister. The list goes on and on. There is no right outfit. This is your session. Choose what you feel best in. Whether it's a beautiful bodysuit, or an amazing pair of boyshort's. I want you to feel 100% like you. So no, you don't have to go running off and spending a fourtune on articles of clothing. But if you want the excuse to treat yourself, then here it is!

That being said, I can give suggestions:

Bodysuits are amazing, we can play with the straps, and posing, etc.

Articles of clothing can depict a story-like pulling a t-shirt over your head, or a saucy shimmy out of those jeans.

Bra's, bralettes, and panties are a go-to for sure, and the cuts and styles are endless! Find what feels right. Honest.

Consider Your Own Skin

I also want you to consider basking in your own skin. Sans clothing. I always bring some simple white sheets to make sure you have some coverage to play with and trust me when I say majority of the time it's a clients favourite images. Myself included.

Here's some great shopping suggestions:

La Vie En Rose: My personal fav underwear site.

Gooseberry Intimates: Gorgeous pieces!

Shien: Super affordable pricing.

k2 Intimates : Beautiful lace and delicate pieces

Free People : Amazing bodysuits!

Aritzia Body Suits: So comfy and you can wear them again.

Lounge | Underwear & Apparel | Official Store – Lounge Underwear

6. Makeup

I offer a complimentary makeup session, which generally lasts about 45 minutes prior to your session. So make sure to let me know if you are in, or opting out of this in your questionnaire.

Right off the bat- I and not a certified MUA but I have taken courses to perfect the "look" for this session. The only thing you would need to provide is your fav foundation and concealer. the rest I bring.

It's honestly a great way to visit and get those quirky jokes (me) outta the way. Feel free to have a drink, sit, and enjoy being taken care of. How often do we get to relax and open our eyes to a fresh face we didn't have to do ourselves??

8. Stretching Those Muscles

Ok this is my fair warning. YOU. WILL. BE. SORE.

I have had some incredibly physically strong women come through my doors and they tell me afterwards how sore they are 24hrs post.... so be warned!

I will be with you the whole way with guided posing during your session. There's a lot of toe pointing, lower back, calves, core, and upper arm engagment. I highly encourage you to have a good stretch a few days before your session (and after!). It'll give you some added flexibility and less chance of any Charlie horse episodes.

Here's a great YouTube video,

15 minute yoga for women.

Ok. That was a lot. I know. But you got this.

I can't wait to take this journey with you to self exploration and find that confidence boost you deserve.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send them my way.

Your stoked photographer,